No, there have not been 74 Sandyhooks since Sandyhook.

So I actually had another post in mind for my official first post here, but something came across my path this morning. The article is “This map shows every school shooting since Sandyhook” and contains a map showing the seventy four school shootings since then the mass murder at Sandyhook Elementary. Now, I was fairly surprised to hear we had had 74 instances of attempted or successful mass killings in schools, that is a hell of a lot. The problem is that there really hasn’t been.

The criteria for this list is just a gun being fired in, around or near a school or college campus. So the list includes suicides, accidents, or even a police chase that ends on the school area, even if it does not involve students, or in two cases overnight when no students were around. Another case that is listed has two men attacking a third man, who defends himself with a gun. No one died, though one man was shot and the other beaten and all three were charged with disorderly conduct. The shooter though, was not charged as he had acted in self defense, and the man who beat him senseless  was charged with assault.

Of course any violence at or near a school is concerning, I can’t help but shake the feeling that I am not the only one who got the wrong impression. The title references Sandyhook, so I don’t think it was a mistake by the authors that they wanted us to see this as 74 Sandyhooks happening. It really runs the gamut from attempted mass killings to suicides to robberies on or near a campus, to self defense with firearms. I am going to have to assume the authors end goal is a banning of most or all of firearms, or at least maybe a discussion of firearms in America in general. I say that must be the intent, as I can’t understand another reason for being at least a little misleading in their article, unless this is a case of just not realizing what was included in the statistics, which is possible and something I have been guilty of more times than I care to admit.

I spent a few hours using my Google-fu to research these cases, and while some are legitimate “school shootings” many of them probably do not fit in with many peoples assumption of what that means, and some of them feel outright out of place in comparison to Sandyhook or Columbine.

If you want to download the excel file, it is here: 74 School Shootings Explanations

I have inserted the text below, though I was… more than a little rushed in making all this and am still new to the wordpress format, so please excuse the horrible formatting if possible. I also did not have time to crunch numbers on anything, and maybe I will be able to get back to that later. I just wanted to get this info out if I could.

1/8/2013 Fort Meyers FL Apostolic Revival Center
Christian School
K-12 Murder in parking lot of
parent dropping his kids off. Not associated with school or directed at
1/10/2013 Taft CA Taft Union High School K-12 16 year old with shotgun
shot and wounded one classmate, then fired a random shot at fleeing
students.. He was talked into giving up the weapon. Friends say he was
1/15/2013 St Louis MO Stevens Institute of
Business & Arts
College/University 34 year old part time
student and convicted felon shot and wounded the financial aid director with
a 9mm handgun after arguing about aid. He then shot himself in the chest but
survived. Subject was a felon with an undisclosed mental illness.
1/15/2013 Hazard KY Hazard Community and
Technical College
College/University 21 year old man shot his ex
girlfriend (20), who was a student at the college, her uncle (53) and her
cousin (12) in the parking lot of campus, all three died. The murders
happened while exchanging custody of the child of the shooter and the
1/16/2014 Chicago IL Chicago State University College/University 17 year old boy shot
outside of a basketball game after brawls broke out inside and outside the
gym. Two men, 32 yo and 29 yo charged.
1/22/2013 Houston TX Lone Star College North
Harris Campus
College/University Altercation between 22 year
old shooter and another man leads to a further argument 30 minutes later
which ends in the shooter opening fire, wounding the other man, as well as his
friend and a 53 year old bystander. Unclear if they were students.
1/31/2013 Atlanta GA Price Middle School K-12 15 year old shooter snuck a
gun in through metal detectors, which were not working at the time, and shot
a 14 year old classmate in the neck. Police say it was a gang related
dispute, started with an argument.
2/1/2013 Atlanta GA Morehouse College 21 year old man shot and
wounded another student outside of a residence hall after a fight during a
basketball game.
2/7/2013 Fort Pierce FL Indian River St. College College/University 19 year old man, who was a
student at the college,  involved in
hit and run and drive by shooting is confronted by police in the parking lot
of the college. One student was wounded in the crossfire. Investigation into
one officer as having wounded student.
2/13/2013 San Leandro CA Hillside elementary School K-12 19 year old man found shot
at 8:45 PM on campus of school. No students involved or on site.
2/27/2013 Atlanta GA Henry W. Grady HS K-12 17 year old student shot
herself in the leg accidentally with her own weapon.
3/18/2013 Orlando FL University of Central
College/University 30 year old student who was
about to be kicked out of his dorm planned a massacre. He pulled the fire
alarm, went back to his room to get his weapons but his roommate called 911.
Police found the would be shooter dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound.
3/21/2013 Southgate MI Davidson Middle School K-12 13 year old student
committed suicide by self inflicted gunshot in the bathroom of the school.
4/12/2013 Christianburg VA New River Community College College/University 18 year old student walked
into campus location in a mall with a shotgun and wounded two women before
being subdued.
4/13/2013 Elizabeth City NC Elizabeth City State
College/University 23 year old student wounded
by gunshot in retaliation for an earlier fight.
4/15/2013 Grambling LA Grambling State University College/University 3 Students, ages 19, 20,
and 21, were injured by gunshot wounds outside a dorm during a fight at
4/29/2013 Tuscaloosa AL Stillman College College/University 21 year old student shot
and wounded a 19 year old student, claiming he was being pushed and bullied
about paying up after losing a bet on a video game.
6/7/2013 Cincinnati OH La Salle High School K-12 A 17 year old student shot
himself in the classroom in a suicide attempt. No charges were filed.
6/19/2013 Santa Monica CA Santa Monica College College/University 23 year old gunman killed
his father and brother, burned the house, wounded the driver of a car before
carjacking another driver. He wounded 3 people in a bus, killed the driver
and wounded the passenger of another car, then entered the campus library, killing
another victim in the process. The gunman was killed in the library by
6/19/2013 W. Palm Beahc FL Alexander W. Dreyfoos
School of the Arts
K-12 Two custodians were found
dead in the school overnight. It was not believed to be student related and
did not happen during school.
8/15/2013 Clarksville TN Northwest High School K-12 38 year old man found dead
at 6AM in parking lot of school. No students or faculty involved.
8/20/2013 Decatur GA Ronald E. McNair Discovery
Learning Academy
K-12 20 year old gunman entered
school, requested police be called. Shootout with police ensued, no one was
8/22/2013 Memphis TN Westside elementary School K-12 5 year old student had a
gun in his backpack, which went off inside the pack. No one was injured.
8/23/2013 Sardis MS North Panola High School K-12 15 year old student shot by
three alleged gang members, aged 17, 21 and 21, after a night time football
game (app. 10:30PM). Victim may or may not have been part of the gunfight.
8/30/2013 Winston-Salem NC Carver High School K-12 a 15 year old student was
wounded when an 18 year old student shot him outside the school at the end of
a scheduled fire drill.
9/21/2013 Savannah GA Savannah State University College/University 20 year old man shot and
killed around 3:30 AM on campus.
9/28/2013 Gray ME New Gloucester High K-12 19 year old man commits
suicide in the parking lot of the school.
10/4/2013 Pine Hills FL Agape Christian Academy K-12 2 students wounded by a non
student shooter. 16 year old seemed to be intended victim, 17 year old was
innocent bystander. Seems t have stemmed from a previous argument.
10/15/2013 Austin TX Lanier High School K-12 16 year old male committed
suicide by gunshot. No other injuries.
10/21/2013 Sparks NV Sparks Middle School K-12 Student uses handgun to
kill one teacher, wound 2 other students, then killed himself.…0…1.2.46.serp..0.1.175.rLLD0-bpPQg
11/1/2013 Algona Algona high/Middle School K-12 23 year old man and
graduate of the school committed suicide on the school property.
11/2/2013 Greensboro NC North Carolina A&T
State University
College/University 21 year old student wounded
by gunshot from “far off”. 4 males sought in connection.
11/3/2013 Stone Mountain GA Stephenson High School K-12 17 year old male wounded
when a confrontation between football team members and a group of teens who
did not attend the school ended un gunshots.
11/21/2013 Rapid City SD South Dakota School of
Mines & Technology
College/University Professor committed suicide
by gunshot in a classroom building.
12/4/2013 Winter Garden FL West Orange High School K-12 17 year old male shot and
wounded a 15 year old classmate.
12/13/2013 Arapahoe County CO Arapahoe High School K-12 18 year old male entered
school, shot and killed one classmate, 17 year old female, then fired
randomly into the crowd. Shooter killed himself when resource officer closed
12/19/2013 Fresno CA Edison High School K-12 4 teenagers, at least one
of them a student, attempted to rob a teacher on school grounds. The teacher
was wounded after attempting to fight back when he was struck curing the
1/9/2014 Jackson TN Liberty Technology Magnet
K-12 17 year old male student
was shot by a 16 year old male student outside of the school after classes.
The shooter fled the scene but was apprehended.
1/14/2014 Roswell NM Berrendo Middle School K-12 A 12 year old male student
opened fire with a shotgun in the school gym, wounding two students.
1/15/2014 Lancaster PA Martin Luther King Jr. ES K-12 School put on lockdown when
shots fire on school grounds by two men outside. No injuries.
1/17/2014 Philadelphia PA Delaware Valley Charter HS K-12 an 18 year old and 17 year
old students were shot by the same bullet after a 15 year old student opened
fire. Incident may have been connected to the threat of an afterschool
1/20/2014 Chester PA Widener University College/University A student was shot in his
car in the parking lot of the University Athletic center around 8:45 PM.
Police say it was not a random act.
1/21/2014 West Lafayette IN Purdue University College/University A 23 year old teaching
assistant shot and killed a 21 year old teaching assistant in a basement
classroom, then walked outside and surrendered to police.
1/24/2014 Prangeburg SC South Carolina State
College/University a 20 year old student was
shot and killed by a 19 year old man during an argument in the afternoon. The
shooter and the three men in the car with him were eventually arrested.
1/28/2014 Nashville TN Tennessee State University College/University a non student was wounded
in the leg after a fight broke out over a gambling debt on the campus
1/28/104 Grambling LA Grambling State University College/University One victim was injure by
gunshot wound on or near the campus, by two men suspected to have just robbed
a pawn shop and were being chased by police.
1/30/2014 Palm Bay FL Eastern Florida State
College/University One man was shot in a
campus parking lot during an altercation between three men. The shooter
claimed self defense against the other two and was not charged for firing the
shot or injuring the other man. All were charged with disorderly conduct.!XsJTF
1/31/2014 Phoenix AZ Cesar Chavez High School K-12 Shots were fired outside of
a basketball game at night, no injuries.
1/31/2014 Des Moines IA North High School K-12 Shots were fired outside of
a basketball game by men in a jeep. One woman was grazed by a bullet, saying
the men in the jeep were yelling at her cousins. She refused to cooperate
2/7/2014 Bend OR Bend High School K-12 a 17 year old student
entered a classroom and shot himself. No on else was injured or threatened.
2/10/2014 Salisbury NC Salisbury High School K-12 a student was wounded after
school, witnesses say he was trying to break up a fight.
2/11/2014 Lyndhurst OH Brush High School K-12 Two teenaged males were
arrested after firing 5 shots outside of a basketball game, potentially
2/12/2014 Jackson TN Union University College/University A 21 year old man was
charged with shooting his fiancée and staging it to look like a suicide,
leaving her body inside a car in a parking lot on the edge of campus.
2/20/2014 Raytown MO Raytown Success academy K-12 A 43 year old man waited
for his wife and her alleged boyfriend to drop of the shooter and wifes child
at school. He then shot and killed the
boyfriend, later giving himself up to police.
3/2/2014 Westminster MD McDaniel College College/University Students were walking back
to their dorm around 3AM when four men attempted to start a fight, one of
which had a gun. The students retreated into their dorm, and shots were fired
through the lobby window.
3/7/2014 Tallulah LA Madison High School K-12 A fight broke out at a
fundraising dance, one teen was shot in the arm. The shooter was arrested and
3/8/2014 Oshkosh WI University of
College/University Students were evacuated
from a campus building when a shot was fired into the air at a dance. No
3/21/2014 Newark DE University of Delaware College/University A 22 year old man, who was
not a student at the school, was arrested after he fired a gun into the air
in a parking lot around 1AM after getting into an argument.
3/30/2014 Savannah GA Savannah State University College/University A shot was fired in an
attempted robbery on campus. No injuries reported.
4/3/2014 Kent OH Kent State University College/University A shot was fired into the
ground, campus was locked down and the shooter was apprehended later off
4/7/2014 Roswell NM Eastern New Mexico
University – Roswell
College/University a 22 year old man was found
dead after a 911 call from the shooter, who said the victim and another man
walked into his dorm room and he though one of them was reaching for a gun,
so he shot at them. I cold not find any source saying charges were filed against
the shooter.
4/11/2014 Detroit MI East English Village
Preperatory Academy
College/University a 19 year old man was
killed after a group shot into a crowd of 100 after a school event. Police
say it was gang related.
4/21/2014 Griffith IN St. Mary Catholic School K-12 A man shot and killed his
estranged wife in the parking  of the
school as she was picking up their son. The shooter was on bail for allegedly
raping and threatening his wife previously. He fled the scene, and shot himself
later when approached by police.
4/21/2014 Provo UT Provo High School K-12 a 14 year old student shot
himself in the face, but was not killed. He did not seem to be targeting
other students, though it is unclear if it was an accident or a suicide
4/26/2014 Council Bluffs IA Iowa Western Community
K-12 Two 19 year old students
were robbed at gunpoint by 3 men pretending to be buyers from a Craigslist
ad. One of the victims grabbed the gun, which went off and hit him in the
5/2/2014 Milwaukee WI Marquette University College/University A student was shot in the
hand during a robbery, one of three in quick succession on or near the
5/3/2014 Everett WA Horizon Elementary School K-12 A fight broke out on a
basketball court at the school over a weekend, one teen was shot and wounded.
5/4/2014 Augusta GA Paine College College/University Shots were fired at a
campus building. One student injured by shrapnel.
5/5/2014 Augusta GA Paine College College/University Possibly related to the
previous shooting, a student was shot in the head, he looks like he will make
a full recovery. Police believe both incidents may be related to drug deals.
5/8/2014 Georgetown KY Georgetown College College/University A student athlete shot
another student athlete in the leg at about 1am. The two were leaving a party
and the shooter began “playing” with a firearm, and accidentally
shot his friend.
5/8/2014 Lawrenceville GA Georgia Gwinnett College College/University A student in the parking
garage was shot, and given medical attention. The weapon was found on scene
and may have been a suicide attempt or an accidental self inflicted wound.
5/21/2014 Milwaukee WI Clark Street School K-12 A 10 year old girl was
playing in a playground near the school when two men began shooting at each
other. The girl was caught in the crossfire and hit in the head and killed.
6/5/2014 Seattle WA Seattle Pacific University College/University a 26 year old mn opened
fire with a shotgun in a campus building, killing one victim and wounding 2
others. He was subdued by a student security monitor.
6/10/2014 Troutdale OR Reynolds High School K-12 a student with a rifle
killed another student and wounded a teacher before killing himself.








One thought on “No, there have not been 74 Sandyhooks since Sandyhook.

  1. Jessie

    This was good information. The title was very misleading and I think some of the comments left on my page were by people who didn’t read the actual article. I think gun free zones create a target zone more then anything. Recent reports don’t talk about how a school shooting was limited to 1 student death because an armed resource officer was able to corner the student who then took his own life. Media is definitely shading things to try and lean towards the removal of guns. Which would almost be great, if the “bad” guys played by those rules too. Definitely a heated issue.


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