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Anchovies and Ancient Aliens

Try to imagine you are at a friends’ house, with a large group of people. Someone decides to order pizza for everyone. Someone brings you a slice, and you notice something… strange. The normal stuff of goodness is there: dough, sauce, cheese, pepperoni… There is something extra though, a slimy, salty piece of hatred and discontent: an anchovy.

The thought hits you: “What sadistic, horrible person would order a pepperoni and anchovy pizza?” (Here, I am assuming you don’t like anchovies, but in case you do please be aware I am not writing this for you as I assume you are a cat.) You sit there loudly telling everyone around you how you can’t believe this injustice to pizza, to humans and to your dignity. This must be a top down conspiracy to ruin pizza for everyone present. Heads must roll!


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