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Youtube Is Not Very Good For Cancer Research

You may have heard of Stanislaw Burzynski and his Antineoplaston treatment for cancer. If you haven’t, I highly suggest poking around a bit, even just a simple Google search will do. Though please go beyond just the Eric Merola movies, which are clearly from the perspective that the treatment is proven and that evidence is not necessary at this point. Conversely, don’t just go with some of the more curmudgeonly bloggers such as Orac, though the latter does tend to give some very good scientific information.

Now, even if you didn’t immediately go out and research furiously, I am going to assume you have a general idea about Burzynski, the Clinic, and his ANP (Antineoplaston) treatment.


The main reason I am putting this together is to try to give a little bit of perspective on efficacy. Not just of Burzynskis treatment, but a little more information on DIPG. I am not a doctor; I do not play one on TV, and as far as I can remember I never even “played doctor” as a kid. So please excuse (and correct) me if I have gotten some piece of medical information completely and utterly wrong. This is indeed my take on the information I have found. Also take note that you may think to yourself, “Hey, these sound like anecdotes! Doesn’t he scream about wanting non anecdotal evidence?”. Yes, some other persons self, I indeed do want objective evidence. However, since most of the support for Burzynski comes from only anecdotal evidence, I would say this is a fair riposte, as the bar has been set to Hermes Conrad levels of limbo skills, and I feel like just shuffling over it today.

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