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Finally, a Whiskey themed post.

So recent news has finally given me a reason to do something that makes sense for this blog, at least on the surface. We are a few posts in on something called The Whiskey Monologues and we are finally talking about Whiskey instead of just using it as a fuel for the haphazard writing here. Specifically I am talking about the recent news that Fireball brand whiskey has been banned in Europe!

Well, not really banned.

And not in all of Europe.

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My Very Definitive Stance on Abortion.

Note: A lack of posts in the past few weeks has been due to a lot going on, which left me no time to write or post. I will be back next week with something, most likely my opinion on what is happening in Ferguson, MO. I think I may have a fairly nuanced opinion on that, which made me think of this Best Of* gem from 2007. Please note that even in 2007 making an “I Am Sam” reference was not timely, you aren’t missing out on some sort of cutting edge joke, so don’t feel left out. Also, if you are offended at all, then do not worry, that’s normal. If you are not offended even a little bit, then please let me know as I think I may have to go Highlander on you, as there can be only one…

Without further ado, here is my in depth, specific and definitive analysis of a topic that is just as hot button now as it was 7 years ago…


(Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnn…)

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Dasani Bottled Water Will Kill You! (if you drink about a thousand bottles a day)

While perusing the internet the other day, I came across this article, from a health and nutrition website, which linked into another article on the same subject. According to these articles every time I stop at the local store and grab a bottle of Dasani water, something that has been happening frequently as its summer but I am stubbornly refusing to use A/C, I am gambling with my life.

Dasani water is going to kill me.

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This is only a test

The sordid history of this blogs starts with a Live Journal, no this isn’t a story about how I was on LiveJournal when it was cool, I was on LiveJournal when it was way past cool. After a few, sporadic, posts on LiveJournal it moved to an awkwardly colored website for a few more posts. Hopefully here we are a little more focused, at least in updates if not content.