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What I would like to see in a female superhero movie (fine, what I DON’T want to see)

I had a conversation with a friend a while back about a potential Wonder Woman movie. The conversation evolved into what we would or wouldn’t hope to see in a movie with a strong female lead. We both thought it was about time we got more of those, if for nothing else than diversity making things more interesting. We have had male dominated hero movies for a while and while I have enjoyed them, and still will, we could use to mix it up for many reasons. I am pretty sure by the time “Expendables 3” is done we will have officially found the need to kill off “bad acting guy with big muscles shoots stuff… and stuff gets blowed up”. At least for a while….

Some of this comes from my still lingering malaise about the character of Rogue in the X-Men movies. I didn’t really read comics until a college room-mate pretty much forced me to, but I have read a good chunk of the Marvel X-men focused comics, and I was anxiously awaiting the bad ass character Rogue when the movie came out. There was a little bit of disappointment to find that instead of a super strong, flying, powers stealing woman who had some deep demons (because in comics everyone has deep demons. Dr. Phil would have committed suicide long ago in the Marvel Universe) she was a frightened, confused and kind of weak character who just wanted to touch the boy she liked. I understand it worked for the character in the movie, I mean being a teenager sucks, but being a teenager that had what has to be the worst first kiss in history, is infinitely worse. She never really did fill out in to the character I had remembered from the comics though, and that always bothered me a bit. That is probably the historical start of this list in my head. Of course, I am a possibly, probably, drunken fat guy saying this, so maybe my opinion will be deemed meaningless. With that Volkswagen sized grain of salt being given out, here are some of the things I would (ok really wouldn’t) want to see in a female led superhero movie:

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